Ms. Sanscartier has practiced family law since being admitted to the California State Bar.

Ms. Sanscartier’s practice has focused primarily on high-asset, high-conflict dissolution of marriage cases. While attending law school, Ms. Sanscartier’s training was also focused on family law as she was a judicial intern for a family law judge in San Diego County and for a family law judge in Richmond County, New York, allowing her to gain insight into different judicial officer’s perspectives when making decisions in family law cases and teaching her the importance of presentation in a courtroom.

Ms. Sanscartier’s approach to family law is straightforward: She knows from experience that for a client to receive the highest quality of service possible, she and each client must form an effective team that brings together Ms. Sanscartier’s background, training, and expertise with the unique facts of each client’s case. This teamwork is something that continues from day one to the end of the case.

Ms. Sanscartier knows that the best result for almost every client is to resolve issues by settlement rather than litigation. However, Ms. Sanscartier also understands that some cases do not settle, and she is fully capable of representing a client’s interests in any contested proceeding.

Ms. Sanscartier is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with an emphasis in Law & Society, and a Minor in Sociology.  She attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego where she received her Juris Doctor and graduated Cum Laude.


  • State Bar of California