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Craig Higgs featured in The Daily Journal

Our own Craig Higgs, one of San Diego’s most experienced and sought after mediators, was recently featured in The Daily Journal the region’s most respected law industry publications. He’s cited as having “… the sensitivity of a diplomat” and a penchant for resolving party dispute fairly and amicably.

We’re excited that the law community is recognizing Craig for his expertise in this arena. He’s a strong believer in finding ways to reach a settlement. “In almost every case there is a resolution for both sides that is better than the risks involved in a trial,” he says. Craig possesses the distinct ability to evaluate each set of circumstances quickly and comprehensively. By means of mediation, he strives to alleviate the risks associated with litigation, thereby maximizing his clients’ business opportunities and interests. He has handled over 1,800 mediations, including employment cases, class actions, personal injury and all type of business disputes ranging from those of modest value to tens of millions of dollars. Working with a wide range of clientele, from national corporations to local businesses, Craig helps all parties involved arrive at an amenable resolution — even in the most complex situations.

Click on the image below to catch a glimpse of the piece. The rest of the article is available online to subscribers. For more information please visit https://www.dailyjournal.com.