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Higgs’ Steven Cologne Climbs Mount Rainier

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Last month, Higgs’ partner and complex tort and business litigation attorney, Steven Cologne, embarked on a journey to climb Mount Rainier, the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in Washington. The challenge came after an unsuccessful attempt in 2012 where Cologne ventured to reach the summit elevation of 14,411 feet, but got two-thirds up the mountain and realized the pace was too much.

Since that experience, Cologne has had high aspirations to reach Mt. Rainier’s summit and knew that training would be a crucial component. While he has climbed and enjoyed many hikes in Alaska and the Grand Canyon since then, Cologne began preparing for his second attempt of Mt. Rainier in April 2016.

As a practicing lawyer, the most difficult aspect for Cologne was making time to train. However, he committed to running an hour and 15 minutes three days a week, engaged in strength training at his gym and reached the 11,503-foot summit of Mount San Gorgonio, the highest mountain in Southern California.

When the second opportunity in August arrived, Cologne embarked on the four-day guided trip. With a climb that took two days, his hard work and perseverance paid off. Cologne reached the summit.

Steven Cologne at sunrise about 100-feet from the top. Photo taken by fellow climber, Walt Thron.

Steven Cologne at sunrise about 100-feet from the top. Photo taken by fellow climber, Walt Thron.

“It was one of the best outdoor activities I’ve ever done, but also one of the toughest. It truly tested my limits to the max,” shared Cologne. “I was always worried and stressed about whether I would summit especially since I did not make it in 2012. So I was completely overwhelmed when I reached the summit after climbing through the night. It was essentially a five-year project!”

Cologne is already looking forward to his next adventure.

“I’m looking at several options for next year, including Mont Blanc in the Western French Alps. A lot will depend on the time of the year and expected length of climb. But at least I know how to handle the degree of difficulty part,” said Cologne.