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Infographic – Social Media Policy Tips for Employers

The use of social media in the workplace is becoming commonplace. Left unchecked, an employee’s “tweet” or Facebook post can doom an employer’s reputation — and, inevitably, its bottom line. Take the staff member at a zoo in Illinois who posted a racially charged comment while “on the clock” or the photograph of a California fast-food employee who mimicked licking a stack of taco shells in the kitchen. Although the acts were done in jest, the incidents were hardly laughing matters for the employers as they had to respond to the public relations nightmares that ensued.

Infographic - Social Media Policy Tips for Employers

Feel free to download this infographic and keep as a quick review of things your organization should be doing. It’s derived from a recent article penned by our own Geoff Thorne after attending a “Young Lawyer Speed Round” hosted by the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel.