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Meet the Attorney: Susan Mercure

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How long have you been at Higgs?

I have been with Higgs for 13½ years.

What is a typical day like?

My days are spent meeting with clients, answering questions of clients and their advisors either on the telephone or by email, and on a good day, preparing documentation necessary to meet the goals of my clients.

What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment(s)?

My greatest professional accomplishments are my ability to establish and maintain good relationships with my clients and their advisors, plan and administer very technical plans and estates, and communicate complicated concepts without using terms of art so that clients may easily understand those concepts.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

I hope to be able to continue to assist individuals in their time of need and to balance work commitments with outside commitments.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

It is extremely rewarding to assist someone through the loss of a loved one and at the end of the process, hear how much our work together assisted them in their time of need.

What organizations are you involved with?

I am extremely active in the YMCA (Y). Previously, I served on the board of the Mission Valley Branch, including past chair of that group. In addition, I was also the immediate past chair of the Board of Governors of the YMCA of San Diego County. Currently, I serve as chair-elect of the Board of Directors of the YMCA of San Diego County. I am a passionate advocate for the difference the Y and its programs, including its outreach programs, regularly make in the lives of its members and participants.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

When I am not working or involved in the Y activities, I love spending time with my family.