Business Litigation Attorneys

The Business Litigation Group represents clients in virtually every kind of business or individual dispute, including commercial and contract litigation; securities and other corporate matters; all aspects of intellectual property, including

  • Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret Litigation;
  • Real Estate, Construction and Land Use Matters;
  • Environmental and Hazardous Waste Issues;
  • Employment Law; Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Creditors’ Rights;
  • Products Liability;
  • Healthcare Litigation;
  • OSHA or Other Regulatory Enforcement Matters;
  • Professional Liability Disputes;
  • False Advertising and Other Consumer Fraud Actions;
  • Tax Cases;
  • Trust and Estate Litigation;
  • and Insurance Coverage and Related Matters.

While the business litigation attorneys at Higgs Fletcher & Mack have the ability to staff the most significant of cases, the Firm strives to devote its resources as efficiently and economically as is appropriate to each particular matter.

San Diego Business Litigation AttorneysThe Firm’s strategic location in downtown San Diego also has enabled the attorneys within the Business Litigation Group to acquire extensive expertise in cross-border and other international disputes. Many of the Firm’s lawyers are fluent in Spanish, and familiar with the customs and practices of foreign citizens doing business in California or counseling clients desiring to do business internationally.

The Firm’s litigators are experienced trial lawyers in all State and Federal courts throughout California. The Firm’s lawyers actively litigate and have successfully tried thousands of cases before juries and judges, and are also well versed in handling arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolutions.

Many of the Firm’s litigators have subsequently been appointed as judges to the State and Federal bench, including two sitting Justices of the California Court of Appeal. The Litigation Department has a well-known and deserved reputation for tenacious and effective representation of its clients in order to enhance the ability to achieve a successful resolution of a given case.

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