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Hospitality is San Diego’s third largest economic generator bringing over $7 billion to the local economy in 2010. Tourism accounts for over 11 percent of the regional economy. San Diego has been ranked as the fourth most popular tourist destination for United States travelers and the eighth most popular destination for international travelers. Higgs Fletcher & Mack is proud to work with our clients in the hospitality industry to help them sustain and economically grow their businesses. We partner with our clients to meet and exceed their needs and protect their business assets.

Proven Expertise for Hospitality & Retail Legal Matters

Higgs Fletcher & Mack’s Hospitality & Retail law group has a breadth of experience advising businesses and individuals on corporate, employment, real estate, intellectual property, and immigration issues. With over seventy years of experience advising companies, our lawyers know what works. HF&M’s lawyers have a proven track record of ensuring hotels, restaurants, and tourism-based businesses thrive. We assist with operational issues, plan for development and expansion, and strategically advise our clients on how to minimize risk.

Higgs Fletcher & Mack is located in San Diego and represents entities and organizations locally that draw people to visit San Diego like the Pala Racetrack, craft breweries, the Balboa Park Centennial Celebration, and other special events that attract and promote tourism. We partner with our clients to meet and exceed their needs and protect their business assets. We represent clients on a local and national level.

Representative clients include:

  • Airbnb
  • Ballast Point
  • Brazen BBQ
  • Hobie Cat Company
  • Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Ciatti Company
  • The Old Globe
  • Old Town Mexican Cafe
  • Pala Racetrack
  • Pueblo Bonito Resorts


Our expertise encompasses a wide range of critical strategic and operational areas

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  • Advise and defend employers from wage and hour, harassment, and discrimination claims
  • Negotiate hiring and termination packages
  • Assist with employee training and education


  • Assist with employee training and education
  • Advise on corporate formation and tax issues
  • Draft license and insurance agreements
  • Negotiate franchise agreements


  • Obtain B-1/B-2 visitor visa category, E-1/E-2 treaty trader or treaty investor category, H-1B specialty occupation category, H-2B temporary/seasonal workers, L-1 Intra-company transferee category, P-1 entertainment visa, O-1 extraordinary ability visas, and TN professional occupations
  • Represent employers and individuals sponsoring a person for permanent residence
  • Advise and assist with EB-5 investment immigrant visa processing

Real Estate

  • Negotiate purchase, sale and lease agreements
  • Obtain development permits
  • Advise on redevelopment and expansion options

Intellectual Property

  • Name and Image Licensing
  • Brand Clearance, Protection and Enforcement
  • Trade Secret Policy and Protection
  • Assist with selection of non-trademarked names

Video Resources:

  • Insurance Issues for Vintners and Brewers

    There are four basic types of insurance that every business should consider: property, liability, worker’s compensation and business interruption.

    For breweries and wineries, additional types of coverage include crop insurance; to cover your grapes or hops, storage and transportation, intellectual property, product withdrawal expenses and liquor liability. The amount of insurance you need should be measured against your risk tolerance. We at Higgs Fletcher & Mack can help walk you through the risks your company face and protect the investment of time, energy and capital you have put into your business.