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Higgs Fletcher & Mack’s long-standing involvement in the San Diego community is demonstrated by the reputation and depth of experience of our Trust and Estates attorneys. Many of San Diego’s oldest and most substantial families are served by the Firm’s estate lawyers. The Firm’s estate planning attorneys;handle estate matters ranging from simple wills to complex trusts. The Firm also litigates cases involving wills, estates, and trust matters, including will contests, contested conservatorships, and fiduciary surcharge actions. The Firm has been involved in some of the largest and most complex probate litigation in the history of San Diego County.


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  • Estate Disputes

    A couple of things you can do to avoid estate disputes is to make sure that there’s open communication between whoever’s managing the estate, such as the trustee or the executor, and the beneficiaries. It’s important to freely communicate to avoid any concerns or belief that things are being hidden from the beneficiaries. If you can’t get the answers you want, I recommend highly that you get it in writing to create a paper trail. And if you still can’t come to resolution, it’s time to talk to your attorney.