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Richard Shaw’s Painting Wins Blue Ribbon at San Diego County Fair

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For Higgs’ Taxation Law Attorney Richard Shaw, he’s always had a lifetime interest in art. For decades, he’s collected pictures from books and magazines to paint. Shaw completed his first oil painting when he was 12 years old and finished another following law school graduation. It wasn’t until years later that he began producing more serious pieces. In 2008, Shaw unveiled his first watercolor painting.

“I transitioned to watercolors because I enjoyed the challenge. They are difficult to make successfully because they are translucent,” shared Shaw. “I wanted to see if I can paint and paint well.”

Well, the verdict is in. Shaw can paint better than well.
Earlier this year, Shaw entered two of his watercolor paintings into the Exhibition of Fine Art, a competitive exhibition of paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, ceramics, glass and more, at the 2016 San Diego County Fair. On June 4, he received notification that his painting “Surviving the Storm” won a blue ribbon. His second piece “Coming thru the Pass” received a Donor’s Award from the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park.

“I was very surprised and delighted to have both of my entries selected for judging and astonished to win first prize in watercolors,” admitted Shaw.

Both pieces were submitted into Division 1001 (2D) under the Watercolor Representational, Landscapes category. The Exhibition of Fine Art judging process is a two tier, juried show. Tier 1 judging, from digital images, determines which artwork will be accepted for Tier 2 on site judging and eligibility for awards. Judging criteria includes visual impact, composition, technical quality, creativity and presentation.

A nationally recognized business and tax lawyer, Shaw specializes in business and tax planning, estate planning and tax controversy representation. He also serves as an expert witness in corporation, partnership, securities and tax litigation matters. In addition to his successful career, Shaw has contributed years of community service in San Diego. It’s commendable and impressive that he’s been able to produce award winning master pieces amidst his career.

“I started the ‘Surviving the Storm’ painting in December 2014 and completed the piece in July 2015. It took a few days for the designing and around 12 to 15 hours of actual painting. Sometimes I went a month without any time to paint. The ‘Coming thru the Pass’ painting took about six months to produce,” said Shaw.

A few of Shaw’s paintings are on display in his office for clients and colleagues to view.
Interested in purchasing one of his paintings? Sorry, you’re out of luck.

“I’ve never sold one painting. I’ve only given one away to my son,” shared Shaw.

Both of Shaw’s winning paintings are on display in the East Grandstand, 1st Floor until Wednesday, July 6.