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3 Ways Giving Back Helps Your Career

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Helping others makes us feel warm and fuzzy, and that may be reason enough to reach out to lend a hand. But there also are solid benefits for your career when you make volunteering a priority. Here are three ways dedicating yourself to community service promotes professional growth:

1: Giving Back helps you establish or grow leadership skills.

Whether you’re already running a company or want to, building relationships with local non-profits and community organizations can create opportunities for you to lead. Charitable organizations are always in need of talent on boards, not just in the trenches. If you want to expand your current leadership skill set or get hands-on experience in the driver’s seat, donating your time and talents to a local charity or non-profit is a great way to do it.

2: Giving Back helps you make like-minded contacts organically.

We all want to build a network of established, helpful business contacts. Being able to reach out to people you know and trust keeps us informed of business opportunities in our field and changes in our industry. The most effective way to develop a well of meaningful contacts is through co-service with like-minded people. The relationships you build through volunteering with people who share your values will be stronger and more enduring in the long run.

3: Giving Back helps you do your job better.

Ever had a problem at work you just couldn’t unravel? We all have. Usually the solutions come to us when we’ve stopped applying direct mental pressure to it and give our brains a more enjoyable task to conquer. By applying your faculties to the challenges of a worthy organization, you give your brain a chance to relax while still providing stimulation. There’s something about forgetting ourselves and our problems for a moment – and remembering that our issues usually pale in comparison to someone else’s – that make us better able to perform in our jobs and our lives.

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