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We counsel our clients on policies and practices designed to minimize risk and claims exposure. When necessary, we defend claims utilizing a cost-effective strategy designed to minimize costs while maximizing success.

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With over 100 years of collective experience, HFM’s Transportation Practice Group attorneys have worked with commercial transportation companies across all areas of transportation law, including trucking litigation and regulation.

Higgs Fletcher & Mack transportation trial attorneys are recognized throughout California for their expertise representing the interests of the transportation industry especially in the trial arena. Accidents involving over-the-road tractor-trailers and other large vehicles result in significant exposure to commercial carriers and their insurers. Catastrophic cases involving serious injuries and death present complex issues that must be addressed at the earliest possible time.

Higgs Fletcher & Mack transportation trial lawyers have a long history of successfully advising and defending trucking companies and risk management claim professionals in this high-stakes area of litigation. Our knowledge of cutting-edge transportation technology, document retention and avoidance of evidence spoliation are vital to the defense of transportation cases. As transportation trial lawyers we carefully track case law, regulations and national jury verdicts to best represent and advise our transportation clients. As industry professionals we are members of transportation organizations such as Transportation Lawyers Association, Defense Research Institute and the Transportation Practice Group of the American Law Firm Association.

The transportation trial attorneys of Higgs Fletcher & Mack are well aware transportation accidents often occur outside of normal business hours. As such, we have established our Higgs Fletcher & Mack Rapid Response Team. This team of trial attorneys is available any time legal help is needed.  Our rapid response to a crash scene yields an investigation which is protected by the attorney-client communication privilege and attorney work product doctrine. Further, our experienced lawyers preserve physical and electronic evidence which protects the transportation client from a future spoliation of evidence claim.

If you are facing a transportation accident in the middle of the night, our Higgs Fletcher & Mack Rapid Response Team will have an attorney at the scene investigating the accident before the sun rises.  Click here to view the complete Rapid Response Map.

Vertical Transportation

In addition to traditional transportation cases, several Higgs Fletcher & Mack attorneys have extensive experience in the vertical transportation industry. Vertical transportation involves claims related to the use of elevators, escalators and conveyors. Our vertical transportation attorneys regularly defend  catastrophic personal injury cases against allegations of product defect,  improper installation and maintenance. The vertical transportation team also litigates complex cases involving commercial contract and construction delay claims.

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