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Why LEAD’s Programs Are Important for San Diego

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San Diego is a close knit-town, and that’s a good thing. We live and breathe by the success of one another, and recognize that our own achievements are integrated with those of our business, civic and community colleagues in America’s Finest City.

San Diego skyline seen from the airport . Photo courtesy airport authority

San Diego skyline seen from the airport . Photo courtesy airport authority

It’s what makes us a unique and collaborative city. We know we are not able to achieve all of our potential without understanding each other’s needs and perspective. In essence, we are an integrated society that is predicated on the single belief that no one in this town is truly successful if other segments are not.

Under these fundamental guidelines, we strive to understand and support all business, civic and community elements of San Diego. It’s a key reason why the two newest partners in my firm, Higgs Fletcher & Mack, went through LEAD San Diego’s programs first. Specifically, we ensure that each of our attorneys who desire to achieve this status go through the non-profit organization’s two key courses:

  • INFLUENCE San Diego — This is an accelerated, peer-to-peer program that helps C-level and senior executives better understand the issues affecting the San Diego region while building their circles of influence. INFLUENCE is beneficial for senior executives who wish to gain a greater understanding of the critical issues facing our region. The program is designed especially for executives with medium-sized to large companies along with senior management from nonprofit organizations.
  • IMPACT San Diego — Fewer than 60 participants are chosen to participate in this once-a-year initiative. IMPACT participants have the opportunity to meet and network with top San Diego leaders in business, civic, government, military and nonprofit sectors. Described as a “master’s degree” in San Diego, IMPACT provides a comprehensive view of major local issues. The program is a series of nine monthly, full-day, issue-focused seminars, plus three optional sessions, that are designed to give participants a greater understanding of the critical issues and key players in our region, motivating them to use their skills to become engaged.

The benefits are far reaching. For starters, the programs give our prospective partners a better understanding of how our work can have a positive effect on all aspects of San Diego. This, in turn, affects how our actions can have positive repercussions on people outside of our activities. Doing so means we have a far more well-rounded and effective team that takes into account not just their activities with a particular client, but also how that action plays to the betterment of the community at large.

As leaders in San Diego we have the honor and privilege of being an integrated part of the region’s success. It is the responsibility of us as drivers of the area’s economic and social fabric to ensure that we are good stewards of it. Leadership comes in multiple forms. Yet one thing’s certain: good leadership in San Diego has far reaching implications for this city and its people. It’s up to all of us in this town who have the privilege to be in such positions to understand that.

Steven Cologne is an equity partner with Higgs Fletcher & Mack and practices in the area of complex tort and business litigation. He was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America each year from 2008-2014 and has been named one of Southern California Super Lawyers, San Diego Edition, since 2007.

Article reprinted with permission from the Times of San Diego