As one of the oldest law firms in San Diego, Higgs Fletcher & Mack has also been a trailblazer in diversity efforts. Embracing different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas is vital to our ability to provide strategic legal counsel, and build meaningful relationships with our clients.  We promote diversity through professional development, education, volunteering, and mentoring. We are proud of our commitment to diversity both within our firm and the legal community of San Diego.

A Culture of Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion—from minority retention and work/life balance programs, to the support of regional clubs and associations. Higgs attorneys not only recognize the need for diversity, they are actively working to change the status quo. In 2007, the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) created a Diversity Pledge to serve as a guideline for fostering diversity within the legal profession in San Diego. The pledge was created to re-focus efforts within the legal profession on promoting diversity in the hiring, retention, and advancement of attorneys within law firms and corporate legal departments and emphasizing diversity in leadership positions. We are proud to have been one of the first law firms in San Diego to sign it. After signing that pledge, we established an internal Diversity Committee to ensure that HFM was not only honoring the pledge but also remaining mindful of the importance of an increasingly diverse law firm and support for diversity within the legal community. Partner Susan Hack took over as Chair of the committee in 2010. Now deceased Senior partner Craig Higgs, was a former president of the San Diego County Bar Association, chaired the committee initially. The committee meets regularly to discuss opportunities for our attorneys to support local initiatives and create lasting change in the legal community. We demonstrate our commitment to this pledge by providing mentoring programs that foster minority retention, educational opportunities for minority law students, and we offer a progressive policy on life/work balance. HFM is an ongoing sponsor of minority bar group events, including Lawyers Club of San Diego, Tom Homann LGBT Law Association, Earl Gilliam Bar Association, Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego, Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego, and the San Diego Chinese Attorneys Association.

Leaders in the Legal Community

We are committed to building partnerships that share our vision of equality and empowerment in our industry. As such, Higgs’ attorneys actively participate or hold leadership positions in organizations that promote diversity including the SDCBA, Lawyers Club of San Diego, the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association, the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association, and the Iranian American Bar Association. A recognized leader in the promotion and advancement of diversity in the San Diego legal community, we are a proud recipient of the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association’s Corporate Diversity Award. The Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association is the largest association of African-American judges, attorneys, and legal professionals in San Diego. Its mission is to represent the interests of the African-American legal community in San Diego County. The corporate diversity award honors law firms that are leaders in their commitment to diversity in the legal community. Through sponsorship of local organizations and events we are able to express our commitment to equality and diversity initiatives. Our attorneys look forward to annual events such as the Spring Mixer, hosted by the Ethnic Relations and Diversity Committee of the SDCBA and HFM in addition to the SDCBA Dialogue on Diversity sponsored by Higgs. We are also proud to participate in SDCBA’s Diversity Fellowship Program, where we employ first-year law students for 8-10 weeks over the summer, giving the students exposure to a dynamic law firm and attorneys exposure to top notch talent.

A Commitment to Education

Created to promote diversity in the legal community, Higgs Fletcher & Mack has awarded more than $55,000 in scholarships to deserving students at both University of San Diego (USD) and California Western School of Law. In addition to establishing scholarship funds, HFM’s Diversity Committee has also created and implemented internships and mentor programs that provide students with financial support and hands-on educational experience. Recognizing the importance of cultivating the next generation of attorneys and civic leaders, Higgs attorneys are personally invested in supporting the scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate ethical and civic leadership, as well as a commitment to providing services to underrepresented groups in our community. The award is intended to help lessen the financial burden of law school during the academic year.

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