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Michael Gibson Graduates from LEAD San Diego’s “IMPACT” Program

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Last Friday, Higgs’ Complex Litigation attorney Michael Gibson graduated from LEAD San Diego’s flagship program, IMPACT San Diego. Described as a “master’s degree” on San Diego, the program is a nine-month series of full-day issues-focused seminars and optional sessions designed to give participants a greater understanding of the critical issues and key players in the region, motivating participants to use their skills to become engaged.


Gibson applied for the program in 2015 because it was an opportunity to peel back the layers of the San Diego region.

The seminars employ a mix of interactive presentations, facilitated dialogues, behind-the-scenes visits and networking opportunities. In addition, topics include the regional economy, arts and culture, education, military, health and human services, our region tomorrow, law and society, and leadership 101.

Gibson and his fellow graduates gained hands-on experience through project work that was completed in LEADership Action Teams of six to eight individuals. Their team was asked to prepare a communications plan for the AjA Project to help it better communicate its goals, the impact of its work, and to expand and engage its network of donors, volunteers and partners.

Because of the program, Gibson has a greater understanding of the issues that affect the region, a stronger sense of personal leadership and has learned the “big picture” of San Diego’s past, present and future.


Was there anything that surprised him?

“How dynamic the region is economically and how various facets of the community interrelate to make San Diego a world-class city on the rise,” admitted Gibson.

In addition to Gibson, other LEAD San Diego graduates from Higgs include AnneElise Goetz, Steve Cologne, John Morrell, Alexis Gutierrez, Jason Ross, Rahil Swigart, Maggie Schroedter and Jon Grissom.